Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eve's Birthday Party

Eve and Josh decided weeks ago that the perfect party for a four-year-old was a zoo party. We planned the day, shopped for presents for the guests, and made zoo cupcakes. The morning of the 10th dawned sunny and warm and that afternoon we all headed for the zoo. Eve had received a beautiful dress for her birthday and Sophia had a matching one, they looked adorable and Eve loved matching with her sister.
When everyone had arrived, we gathered to eat cupcakes and exchange gifts. The cupcakes were sadly melted beyond recognition, but everyone was a good sport and ate them anyway. Eve loved each and every present and when we had all finished we set off to see the animals.
The kids ran from animal to animal and didn't get fussy or tired even though it hit 100 degrees and they had all walked a very long way.
When we got home that night we were all tired and thirsty, but Josh made a yummy dinner, the girls had baths, and we all felt much better. So ended "the best birthday ever" according to Eve.

Animal cupcakes.

Cute baby kangaroo!

Cheetah! My favorite cat.

Eve discovered this bunny and sneaked up on it. :)

Eve in her new cooking gear.

Full, clean and happy.

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Mich said...

Such cute kids! I hope there are some updates soon!