Monday, June 2, 2008

Tape Faces

Eve has discovered the hilarity of using tape to make silly faces. I taped her nose to her forehead (That sounds a lot stranger than it really was.), and told her to go look in the mirror. She walked away to the bathroom and there was a pause while she turned on the light and climbed onto her stool, then she burst out laughing. She wanted to tape my nose too and we laughed and laughed. She kept saying "You're the mommy pig and I am the baby pig!". Who needs the latest and greatest toys when you have a roll of scotch tape? Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry, I had trouble holding the camera still while I was laughing so hard.


Mich said...

oink, oink!!

Dani said...

you crack me up! you've got to be the funniest mom. i hope all is well.

Jamie Lanier said...

oh my word. you are like the FUNNEST mom EVER!!!!!!!! i love you like crazy!