Monday, January 28, 2008


Eve went through a stage almost a year ago where she'd make up words and casually integrate them into her daily vocabulary. The most prominent of these words was schlumply (I'm guessing on the spelling here). She'd say things like "Oh mommy, your hair is soo schlumply!", or "Daddy, that's pretty schlumply isn't it.". We thought it was so funny but then I found myself saying it at work where I'd get the funniest looks before noticing what I'd said.
I'm still not really sure what it means but I think it it some kind of cross between frumpy, silly, and cuddly with a little bit of fun mixed in. I suppose that about describes our life so I decided to use it as the name of our little blog. You should have seen the spellcheck go berserk (perhaps another child's invention?) with all these made-up words. :)

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