Monday, January 28, 2008

A Tragic Loss

The time had finally come to cut Eve's hair. Every time I had to wash, brush, or fix Eve's glorious mane she would fuss and whimper pathetically and finally I couldn't take it anymore.
Occasionally I would ask her if she wanted me to cut it she'd emphatically say no and on Thursday night she confessed that she was worried that her babies might not think she was their mommy anymore if she had short hair. I told her that I would cut it the same length as mine and she came to see that this haircut must be the "mommy haircut", so after carefully thinking it over she agreed (I must say that sometimes I am amazed and a little apprehensive that I have so much power to sway the minds of my children...).
It was with great sadness and a bit of relief that we cut her hair on Thursday night. I cut it so that it just brushes her shoulders. She looks adorable with it short and after her bath yesterday she didn't fuss at all when it came time to brush her hair out, but Josh and I both miss her long blond highlighted, beautiful silky hair. I think I may just let it grow out again. We'll see.

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Corinne Lee said...

My Sweetest Eve, I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are with your 'big girl' hairstyle. I am sure that it is easier to get your hair brushed now! I bet you can even brush it all by yourself now sometimes. I love you so much and you are my princess! :)

Grandmom Lee